Recycling Your PC? Ask These Questions First

Your old personal computer has been promptly situated on your desk at home for a lot of years. It has been through many games of solitaire, been used to store family documents and photos, and you may have even used it to file your taxes, send emails, and surf social media. The day the blue screen of death shows up, you know it is time to part ways and get a new system, but where should this old PC go? [Read More]

5 Ways (That Work) To Boost Your Company's Plastic Recycling Program

Your company's recycling program is an important part of saving money and improving your business reputation. But if your employees struggle with following through on plastic recycling, what more can you do? Here are five methods to try. Reduce Use. The easiest way to boost any environmental action is to work to reduce plastic use to begin with. Gather employees, managers, supervisors, and green committee members to brainstorm ways to purchase and use less plastic. [Read More]

4 Tips To Save While Doing Green Lighting Renovations And Improvements

Lighting is an important feature of any building, which can be homes, businesses and industrial installations. The old lighting in your home or business is an extra cost due to inefficiency and is also not as environmentally-friendly. To solve your lighting worries, you will want to update outdated and inefficient lighting with more environmental solutions. Here are some tips that will help you save when doing green lighting renovations and improvements: [Read More]

How You Can Collect Scrap Metal To Earn Money With

While it might not be enough to replace your day job, scrap metal recycling can provide you with a little bit of extra money that you can most likely find a good use for. Of course, when it comes to making any money off of recycling, it is all about the weight. The more your load of metal weighs, the more you will earn from turning it over to the scrap yard. [Read More]