4 Tips To Save While Doing Green Lighting Renovations And Improvements

Lighting is an important feature of any building, which can be homes, businesses and industrial installations. The old lighting in your home or business is an extra cost due to inefficiency and is also not as environmentally-friendly. To solve your lighting worries, you will want to update outdated and inefficient lighting with more environmental solutions. Here are some tips that will help you save when doing green lighting renovations and improvements:

1. Simple Updated Lighting with LED and CFL Bulbs in Existing Fixtures

Today, there are many options for bulbs that are designed to be retrofitted with old lighting fixtures. If the electrical wiring is safe and up to modern standards, you can use LED or CFL bulbs for replacing old incandescent or fluorescent lighting that may be outdated and inefficient. If any wiring has faults or is outdated, you will want to retrofit old lamps and fixtures to use the modern bulbs and have an electrician inspect the wiring.

2. Recycling and Repurposing Old Lamps and Shades for New Lighting Designs

Old industrial lamps and recessed lighting cans are often outdated and need to be rewired before they can be used for modern, energy-efficient lighting improvements. To save on replacing these lights, you have a couple of options. If you have a lot of lamps, contact a lamp recycling service to get cash for them. These services can also provide you with rewired lamps for your project, which will be ready for modern CFL or LED bulbs. You can also repurpose this type of lighting for modern design features with old lamps that have been wired for the new types of lighting.

3. Using Low-Voltage LED Lighting Solutions for Your Design Needs to Use Less Electricity

When you install a modern LED bulb in an existing fixture, it still uses the same electrical service as the rest of your home and can waste energy. There are situations where you may want to consider using low-voltage wiring for your lighting, such as in landscaping designs outdoors or for backlighting in cabinets or above wood trim inside your home.

4. Automate the Lighting in Your Home or Business to Cut Energy Waste and Save

Most modern businesses have automated lighting in areas like bathrooms or for outdoor security lighting. This is something that can be done for your business and for the lighting in your home. Consider automating lighting that you use the most, like bathrooms and outdoors, to help reduce electricity waste.

These are some tips that will help you save when doing green, environmentally-friendly upgrades to your lighting design. If you have old lamps that you do not know what to do with, contact a lamp recycling service for help.