4 Benefits Of Plastic Thermoforming

If you want to manufacture plastic products, then you need to choose the right processing method for your needs. In many cases, thermoforming is a good option.  This process uses heat to mold plastic sheets into specific shapes and designs. Why should you consider using thermoforming to make your products?  1. Get More Manufacturing Options Some plastic processing methods have limited capabilities. They might work on some of your products but not all of them. [Read More]

Make A Difference: How Your Recycled Scrap Metal Is Put To Good Use

If you recycle things like aluminum cans and plastic bottles, you might want to add scrap metal to the list. Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are recycled into lots of everyday products. But you might not realize that scrap metal is put to good use as well. In fact, scrap metal gets turned into products that get used in a variety of industries. One of the great things about recycling scrap metal is that fewer natural resources need to get used for the manufacturing of new products. [Read More]

Sending Your Commercial Trash To A Recycling Transfer Station Can Benefit Your Company In A Variety Of Ways

Just about every business today wants to try and keep its environmental footprint as low as possible. But that can be easier said than done depending on what kind of waste your company produces on a daily basis. Today, it might be possible to take advantage of a service that will send all of your trash to a recycling transfer station for sorting purposes. Here's what a recycling transfer station does and why you might want to start sending your waste to one. [Read More]

How To Find Copper Wire You Can Recycle For Cash

Are you looking for a little extra cash for your savings or perhaps to pay for an unexpected expense? If you want to get a little more creative or are willing to put in some additional work, one way to generate additional cash would be to acquire some copper wire and then recycle or sell it to copper wire buyers. But before you can get that cold, hard cash, you'll first have to figure out where to find this type of wire. [Read More]