4 Benefits Of Plastic Thermoforming

If you want to manufacture plastic products, then you need to choose the right processing method for your needs. In many cases, thermoforming is a good option. 

This process uses heat to mold plastic sheets into specific shapes and designs. Why should you consider using thermoforming to make your products? 

1. Get More Manufacturing Options

Some plastic processing methods have limited capabilities. They might work on some of your products but not all of them.

Thermoforming techniques give you extra flexibility. For example, you can use a twin-sheet process to create double-walled products or a pressure-forming process to manufacture complex products with unusual tolerances.

2. Get Quicker Order Completion

Some plastic processing jobs take time. For example, if you use injection molding, then you have to make molds and tools. You then inject liquid plastic into the molds to make your products. These plastics need time to cool and set. They then have to be removed from the molds before they are shipped to you.

Thermoforming is a faster process. Molds and tools are quicker to make. Your supplier then simply heats sheets of plastic to make them pliable and molds them into shape. Cooling and setting times are faster. Your orders won't take as long to complete.

3. Get Lower Costs

Different plastic processing techniques have different cost levels. Some processes can be relatively expensive, especially if you only want to produce small-medium order runs.

For example, if a process needs complex tools and molds, then your costs increase. If you have to use different tools on different parts of the production process, then you pay more.

Thermoforming processes are typically more cost-effective. They work well on small and medium-sized orders as well as larger ones. It costs less to set up tools and molds. If you do need to switch tools during production, then this is a fast process. So, your labor costs will also be lower.

4. Get Recycling Benefits

If you're worried about the impact of your plastic products on the environment, then thermoforming is a good solution. It creates robust products that can be used time and time again.

You can also use plastics that are more recyclable in this process. You, and your customers, will be able to recycle your products at the end of their working lives.

Plus, waste plastic from an order can usually be repurposed and reused for future jobs. So, you reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into landfill.

To find out more about thermoforming and whether this is a viable processing solution for your products, contact plastic processing solutions specialists.