3 Ways To Further Prepare Your Metal For Scrapping

If you want to start scrapping metal, you need to understand how most scrap yards want the metal presented to them for the recycling process. Here are a few tips that will help you obtain a deeper understanding of what metal recycling centers are looking for when you bring them scrap metal.

Remove Fluids From Tanks & Cylinders

If you have found a metal-based tank or cylinder that you want to scrap, you need to properly prepare it. Most scrap metal yards will not take tanks and cylinders that have liquids in them. You need to remove all the liquids from the container before you scrap it. Additionally, many scrap metal yards require that all tanks and cylinders be cut in half before they will accept them. This allows the scrap metal yard to verify that all liquids have been removed from the containers and that the inside of the containers are clean. If you want to scrap tanks and cylinders, you need to have the tools to split them in half and clean them out.

Clean Aluminum Is Priced Higher

If you have aluminum that you want to scrap, make sure that it is clean. You will get the most value for your aluminum when it is properly cleaned and is not contaminated with other materials. Clean aluminum is aluminum that does not have any other material, such as glass, plastic, or wood, attached to it. Removing other materials from your aluminum before you try to scrap it will increase its value. 

Copper Is Graded

Copper is one of the most common types of metal that is scrapped because of the high value of copper. Copper is actually graded on a number system from one to four. Any copper that you bring in will be graded based on its quality and appearance. In order to obtain the number-one grade on the copper you bring in, it needs to meet certain requirements.

For copper tubing, it needs to be unalloyed, and it also needs to not have threading on it. Additionally it should not have any soldering or braising marks. Copper tubing that meets these requirements will net you more money than copper that is alloyed, threaded, and has been soldered or braised; you can still get money for this type of copper, just not as much. 

For copper wiring, you will get the most money for heavy gauge wiring. The value of the copper wiring will increase if it is free of insulation, paint, attachments and anything else that interferes with or covers up the pure copper. 

If you want to get the most money for your recycled metal, contact scrap yards and recycling centers in your area and find out what their standards are for different types of metal. Then, take the time to clean and prepare any scrap metal you want to recycle before you bring it in to get the highest value for your return. To learn more about scrap metal, contact companies like United Scrap Iron & Metal Co.