Just Purchased a Neglected Property? Ways to Save Money on Property Clean Up

If you've recently acquired some property that was used for storing old cars, appliances and other "junk," your first task to improve the value is to get it cleared up. Clearing a neglected property can be costly, especially if there are plenty of large or heavy items to haul off. Here are some ways you can save money on your property clean up.

1. Hire a scrap metal service.

Troublesome items like old refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and broken-down cars are often daunting for property owners. Instead of renting a trailer or pickup to haul these items to the dump and pay for dumping fees, hire scrap metal services to haul them off for you.

In some cases, you can even get money for these items, helping to fund the rest of your clean up project. Steel, copper, iron, and aluminum are all valuable, and scrap metal buyers can sell it for profit over what they paid you, or they will pick up your items for no charge (the amount they'll get for the metal parts will be their payment). Either option ends up saving you money.

2. Rent heavy-duty equipment for tougher jobs. 

Many neglected properties will have underbrush and old structures that will need to be cleared away. Doing this by hand can take a long time, so it's worth your time and money to rent some small heavy-duty machinery to help with the task.

A skid steer with a claw attachment can easily take down rotting sheds and barns, and you can scoop up debris using a bucket attachment. The days you'll save means less time off work, which helps you to conserve money, even though the initial rental fee is higher than just using your two hands.

3. Choose a roll-off dumpster.

Instead making several trips to the dump with small loads, you can get everything done at once by renting a large construction dumpster from a waste management company. These dumpsters usually have a flat rental rate with additional charges depending on how much it weighs once it is filled.

The cost of many trips to the dump, including fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle, adds up. The dumpster allows you to clean up continually without worrying about the load getting too full, saving you time. 

If you have more questions about clearing up scrap metal from your property, contact services like Freedom Metals LLC.