How To Get The Most From Your Residential Bin Rental

When you're completing a massive clean-out or renovation of your home, renting a disposal bin for your waste is an easy way to eliminate what you don't want. Bin rentals allow you to skip trips to the dump and they can help you clear out larger items that aren't picked up by your regular services, but getting the most mileage out of one comes with some careful planning. So if you're ready to get on with the task at hand, here's a few things to consider before you rent your bin.

Consider Donation

Consider donating large items, like furniture, functioning appliances, athletic gear, and any equipment you have to centers for those in need. Donation centers can often put your old over-sized belongings to good use, either giving them to someone in need or selling them at retail centers and forwarding the funds onto charity. Donation centers are also willing to take old vehicles, boats, and other personal crafts or outdoor equipment that can take up precious space (and weight) in your rental bin. Often, donation organizations will come and pick up your items for free also, so you don't have to spend the extra effort getting rid of your old things.

Reuse and Recycle

Though you may be ready to get rid of everything old and start again, re-purposing materials and belongings can help your money go a long way. Refinishing and reusing items like cabinetry, fixtures, and furniture is a great way to save money on remodeling, and it will help you take weight out of your rental bin. Disposal bin fees entail both a flat service fee, for the time you have the bin, as well as a weight disposal fee. So if you can also recycle materials for building, like aggregates, dimensional lumber, and even drywall, you'll save a fortune on disposal fees. You may also want to consider placing metals out near trash receptacles for scrappers, or you can try finding a scrapping service that picks up for free. Removing metals from your bin will help lower your waste bill and remove the burden of recyclable materials on landfill space.

Reduce Your Yard Waste

Yard waste is another heavy offender when it comes to bin rentals, though reducing the impact it has on your disposal fees is always a possibility. If, because of safety or code guidelines, you can't burn some of your yard waste, you should consider composting smaller branches, plants, and leaves. Leaving your waste in piles to dry is a great way to reduce the weight of your load also, and doing so can help you compact the debris easier if you place heavy items on top of it. If you can cut tree trunks into logs that can be used for landscape borders, rustic outdoor seating, or fire usage, you should also consider leaving them out of your bin rental