3 Reasons To Use Wood Biomass For Your New Building's Furnace

Are you building a new building or facility? One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is what kind of furnace to install. While the traditional choices may be gas or electricity, there's a third option you also may want to consider. It's biomass, which is powered by elements found in nature. One of the most common types of biomass is wood, prepared in either log or chip form. You load the chips into the furnace on a periodic basis and the burning of those chips provides heat for your furnace to blast through your facility. Here are three reasons why you should use wood chips in your new building:

It's economical. Since wood is a readily available and abundant resource, you'll often find that it's much less expensive than other heating resources. Additionally, many wood chip biomass providers source their wood from locally managed, sustainable tree farms. That means that the wood won't have been imported from another country or transported halfway around the world. The same often isn't true of gas and oil, which may travel a great distance before it reaches your furnace. Those travel costs are usually priced into the cost of fossil fuels, increasing your expense.

It's stable. Again, the fact that the wood is usually sourced from a sustainable farm makes the price of wood chips relatively stable. Although there could be some supply and demand fluctuations, they aren't likely to be as dramatic as those of fossil fuels. The price of your wood chips won't fluctuate based on global supply and demand or by political events, as could be the case with oil and gas. Wood chips generally offer a predictable cost.

It's environmentally friendly. Wood chips generally produce less carbon than that of fossil fuels like oil and gas. If being environmentally friendly is important to you, then that may be a major factor to consider. Also, many biomass boilers and furnaces are extremely efficient, meaning they can produce little in the way of pollution. In fact, you may be able to find one that is so efficient that it is nearly smokeless.

Also, the fact that the wood is sourced from local, sustainable farms means that you are using a resource that can be replenished, which isn't the case with oil and gas. For more information, talk to a biomass wood chip supplier. They can describe their environmental protection standards and help you decide if wood chips are right for you.