How To Find Copper Wire You Can Recycle For Cash

Are you looking for a little extra cash for your savings or perhaps to pay for an unexpected expense? If you want to get a little more creative or are willing to put in some additional work, one way to generate additional cash would be to acquire some copper wire and then recycle or sell it to copper wire buyers. But before you can get that cold, hard cash, you'll first have to figure out where to find this type of wire. Here are some tips or ideas of how you might get started.

Check Your Own House or Property First

Copper wire can be found inside a number of different things inside your house, possibly including sections of your electrical system or plumbing system and inside a variety of cables that are used by some of your various electronics. Of course, you don't want to strip wire from any system or device that you and your family are still actively using. But did you recently upgrade or replace a utility system within your house? Do you have old pipes or a bunch of old electrical cables just sitting in the basement or out in a storage shed in the backyard? You might have free money just casually sitting right there on your property without even knowing it. Take a look around your own property to see what you can salvage before you go looking for copper wire elsewhere and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Reach Out to Local General Contractors or Demolition Firms

A great way to find a large surplus of copper wire is to reach out to a local construction firm or general contractor or a company that specializes in demolitions. Many of these businesses want to get rid of debris quickly and are going to value a speedy clean-up much more highly than they will any value they would get from selling the copper or other scrap metal themselves. If you make a few contacts in your local town, you might get a heads up when there is another pile of scrap you can come and pick up. Just be sure you actually reach out and get permission before taking anything. Looting a construction site of scrap metal without permission from the contractor or company management could be considered theft, so make sure you do everything above board and with open communication.

Scrap Metal Auctions or Bulk Listings

Finally, you might be able to turn a profit by looking for people who are selling copper wire or other scrap in an auction or in a bulk listing online. These people want to get rid of a large amount very quickly and don't want to go through the hassle of sorting everything for the copper wire buyers. You can purchase the wire at a low price and then flip it for a profit after a little bit of cleaning and sorting.

Contact a copper wire buyer for more information.