How to Use Aluminum and Copper Recycling Services

While you are likely familiar with recycling paper products and glass, you might wonder how you can recycle aluminum and copper products from your personal belongings and around your home. Here are some of the ways you can utilize recycling services to help the environment and clear up your physical space. 

Survey What You Own

To begin, make a list of items that are made of copper in your home. For instance, you may have copper plumbing that you would like to recycle, what steps would you need to do take to extract it? Will you need help, or can you do it alone? Have you found copper recycling services nearby that can do it for you, or do they only allow processing once the items have been received at the facility?

You don't have to know the answer to all of these questions right away, but writing down what you might want to recycle and the logistics involved can help the process go more smoothly. 

Ask Around

If you aren't sure how to get your items ready for recycling, be sure to ask! Your next-door neighbor might be teaching their kids about recycling for the first time and have a large stash of aluminum cans they've collected. If they have a recycling system in place, see if you can come over to get an idea of how to organize your materials. 

You can also contact aluminum recycling services in your area; many have videos or articles online that can tell you exactly how to prepare your items so they will be accepted. As a general rule, try to ensure all items are clean and free of any toxic substances. 

Look It up Before You Toss It Out

If you're planning to get rid of your car because it's broken down too many times, consider taking it to a car recycling center, they can give you a rundown of how much you will make based on the materials your car is made of, the overall condition, and the age. Your car manual can also provide information on how to recycle your vehicle when you no longer need it.

Recycling can seem daunting if you're unfamiliar with what can be recycled; be sure to call your local recycling facility and ask about their aluminum and copper recycling services if you would like further assistance.  

A local recycling service can help you make a difference in your community, so reach out to one today.